girl tattoo


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Nightcall ‘n music. 

Advice of the week.

Where I begin.

Easy is everything.

Moderat - II

Choice of the Week : Percussives lounge sounds

I’m looking forward to leaving you finally.

Don’t cry.

With my toes on the edge it’s such a lovely view.

Don’t cry.

I never loved anything until I loved you.


I’m over the edge. What can I do ? 


I’ve fallen through. 

…Like Clockwork is a vivid visual nightmare and the sixth studio album by the American rock band Queens of the Stone Age. Founding member Josh Homme describes the album as “documenting the journey of moving forward”. With its eerie aesthetics and thematic narrative …Like clockwork is the consequence of everything that went wrong, including the lead singer’s brush with death, that went right. “I think I was just lost, looking for something in the dark. In that dark I found […Like Clockwork].”

Fantastic album as well.

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Sounding like a night in the desert.

Ahead. Make all these things artistic.

The curse is broken.